Reasons to Use Gazebo Curtains

Gazebo curtains have all different kinds of uses dependent on the climate where you live. You can get more of a sunshade type if you have a simplistic metal gazebo. This type of gazebo is the most likely to have curtains because they are so easy to hang and install as opposed to wood gazebo types.

The most modern style uses a sun shade style. This is a roller shade that’s purely functional. It might just be on one or two sides thus saving you money and still allows the sunlight to shine into the structure.

Gazebo Curtains Are Budget Friendly

When you think of a gazebo you probably envision a wood gazebo type but you might not be into wood working plans. You also might not have room in your yard for a permanent structure. Some metal gazebo types just cost a few hundred dollars. This might even be cheaper than a rental so you can even consider it for a backyard wedding and it’s grander than an arbor.

For event use I like to see white sheer gazebo curtains as well as canopies. This can cover up all of the posts and saves you money on expensive floral arrangements that you’d need if you weren’t going with a fabric covered structure.

Netting Allows Air Movement and Light

Netted Curtains double as Mosquito Nets

Gazebo Curtains are Easy to Clean

While these fabrics look a lot like what you find in interior design it’s drastically different. You can find treated polyester versions. However, some drapes also use terylene. Not only do you need to find fabric that won’t mold; also think about the sun to protect it from fading. Look for UV protected fabrics. You’ll also have to find materials that are easy to clean with just soap or water.

Create an Outdoor Room

If you can’t afford the expense of an enclosed patio then consider a gazebo with gazebo curtains. If you buy a metal structure ensure that you also spend more money to get matching netting. You might even want to buy a replacement set because the items are so inexpensive. This saves you from DIY projects because many of the nets are customized to the size of the gazebo. Get the sizes that fit your structure while you can find them. Spend more for quality zippers that will make it easier to use.

Gazebo Curtain Style Options

Gazebo curtains are where you really get into decorating a little more. A lot of the actual architecture depends on what you can afford and what matches the style of your house. The gazebo curtains are where you get to add color and personality to these oil rubbed bronze and wrought iron finishes which are standard on these gazebo types.

With some metal structures you’ll just see mostly curtains which allows you to use cheaper gazebo structures. Usually this just comes in solid colors. Your option is to just find interesting ways to use these solid fabrics. This will usually still match your gazebo rod still because the panel has metal grommets.

You can also alternate the colors of curtain panels in the absence of being able to use patterns. Just make sure that two curtain panels of the same tone meet in the middle. You can also pick up replacement canopies for the top of your gazebo if you want a seamless canopy look.

Silky Curtains create Open Enclosures

Using Light Fabrics Outdoors

Elegant Curtains for Gazebos

For the most elegant look then stick with gazebo netting or plain sheer gazebo curtains. Let the structure of your gazebo determine which style of drapery that you use. This will really be enhanced if you have sheer versions where some of the posts and poles will show through. With heavier and more voluminous curtains you have more leeway as to the post and curtains styles differing.

Straight post styles without scroll work or archways will be the best for a contemporary style. This works well with brighter gazebo curtains whether it’s a bright orange or a terra cotta color. There usually aren’t a lot of choices in color canopies. It’s often available in white, sage, tan, and occasionally terra cotta. Look for stripe pieces that coordinate all of these colors together so it doesn’t look too mismatched.

For wrought iron elements with scrollwork then you’ll want gazebo curtains that compliment the rustic look. Look for longer versions and keep them sheer to show off the wrought iron’s rough finish. Instead of a grommet style system look for a more feminine tie system. Not only will this match the look, it will be the easiest style to install too.

Usually when you think of the phrase mosquito net you probably don’t think of the word elegant but it certainly can be. It can be a stylish and functional look. Find larger borders that mimic ribbon details. Usually pieces with tie backs will be more traditional too. I find that bronze and taupe versions of mosquito screens almost mimic gold and they don’t look like insect screens at all. No matter your gazebo style there are all kinds of gazebo curtains available for you.