Garden Shed Plans – Quality Low Cost Storage Solutions

A garden shed is one of the more useful utility buildings you can add to your yard. However, the quality of the garden shed plans will play a large role in how much use you get out of your new shed. A well designed shed will accommodate the needs you have out in the garden, while poorly thought out plans could leave you with major headaches over the years to come.

Garden sheds can fill roles that we often don’t consider as well. How about as a playhouse for the kids, or simply a nice quiet spot, sheltered from the weather, to relax and enjoy the beauty of the garden? With the right design you can accommodate these sorts of alternative uses and still have the traditional use of the shed.

Ask yourself what you need from the shed. Do you need it to allow you to store tools and equipment? Would it help to have small work area near the garden that is out of the elements? Are you going to want to install planters, or even have a small sunroof so you can raise seedlings away from the pests and diseases they would face out in the garden? These are the sorts of needs that a garden shed can fulfill.

Keeping Yard Traffic Lanes Open

Also think about how you move through your lawn and garden. Would building out of the way increase the amount of work you have to do to get tools and then put them away again? Would it be inconvenient to have the shed in a more central location, possibly getting in the way of foot traffic?

One way to address this would be to have a shed which can be walked through. With a door on each end you could move through the shed when needed. This can be a great setup for those who have large lawns and gardens. Being able to take the mower out directly onto the lawn, and being handy for storing your rakes, spades, pots, and other gardening equipment.

Where to Find Plans for Garden Sheds

Garden shed plans can be found in many home improvement centers and hardware stores. Sometimes these plans come bundled with the materials, other times you will be on your own to choose the right type of wood and fittings to build the shed from.

Here at we offer some shed plans for free, and have found a lot of great shed designs that are available for not much more than a night at the movies. The MyShedPlans offering that we feature here has thousands of different shed and small building designs that are well thought out, complete, and all available for a very low price.

Free Shed Plans or You Get What You Pay For?

There are a lot of free plans for sheds out on the internet. Here at we offer a set of 12 x 8 shed plans for free download. However, be warned that it’s just one plan, and the design is rather basic. While a garden shed built from such plans may fit very well into your specific situation, for most people there will probably be something lacking. No one set of plans is going to work for everyone.

Another option is of course to go with a prefabricated shed, or a shed kit. These options are generally a bit more expensive than building a shed yourself though. Given that a shed is a relatively simple DIY project, so do-it-yourself types would be well advised to just spend the extra few dollars on a well designed shed plan.

What’s the Best Garden Shed Plan Option?

Considering the cost of garden shed plans, and the amount of value that a good garden shed represents, it’s not much of an investment to spring for a more precise and adaptable shed design. If you do go that route, you really can’t do better than the My Shed Plan set of plans. They have shed designs for just about any layout you could imagine. There’s lean-to designs, or even sheds that can double as a garage.

Not only will you be sure to find a great shed design just right for your lawn, but there are also other small building and woodworking plans that may come in useful later on. From gazebos to arbors, pergolas to furniture, you will have enough home improvement and woodworking projects to keep even the most prolific handyman occupied for years to come.

All that for only $37 dollars! Less than you’d expect to pay for even just one quality plan, and you’ll be getting over 12000! Best of all, if you aren’t completely satisfied there is a 100% money back guarantee. So try it out now!