Furniture Trends for Outdoor Patios

Outdoor patios don’t just include a typical lounge chair or cheap barbecue anymore. Instead, you’ll find outdoor kitchens that cost thousands of dollars and pricy outdoor living room setups. It’s much like what you would find indoors. Many of the design trends from interior spaces are also being used to create more of the feeling of an outdoor room instead of just a typical patio.

One functional item that’s been added is actually the use of double furniture. It seems like at parties and barbeques everyone is scrambling for seating. This is why these chairs are oversized so several people can fit in them. Add in ottoman so more people can put their feet up and you can even find entire outdoor sectionals.

Another new furniture idea is the use of console tables. Typically, you would just find this in a living room behind the couch. However, when using it outdoors it allows you to have a makeshift counter or just an extra place to put drinks. It acts as a serving area and a small buffet. If you don’t have a lot of space for side tables then adding it behind your seating area is a pretty smart move.

The other trend is the use of end tables outdoors. It used to be that you would just have one dining table outside. However, with the use of so many outdoor sofas and seating areas that are separate from the dining area these end tables make sense. I also like these durable materials because you can even use them as ottomans or stools. A drum table has an interesting shape to it. You always want to make sure that it’s wide enough to move around easily. However it also needs to be durable enough that the wind doesn’t blow over it and break it. This is a sleeker option if you like beautiful ceramic stools. Look for bright colors that will still be sophisticated just because of the unusual material and high costs.

Another big furniture trend is outdoor beds. This is a pretty pricey furniture option. However, look for a canopy because this gives you tons of patio shade ideas with a canopy effect. However, you don’t want it to look like a bed. It should look like a large sofa that you can just stretch out on. The canopies should be fitted and simplistic. You don’t want a lot of ruffles. Look for simplistic posts that aren’t going to mimic indoor furniture too much.

The other thing that helps these pieces to be more sophisticated for outdoor use is just the absence of a lot of fabric. This keeps it cheaper and it also keeps it easier to clean too. You just want a fitted cover on top of it instead of using a lot of outdoor bedding. Remember that this is just another seating area or lounging space. Usually it might have a wicker bottom to it. This keeps it more simplistic. It also means you shouldn’t have a bed skirt too.

I’d say that the biggest theme for outdoor décor at the moment is actually the Moroccan style. It works beautifully with any stucco exterior. You can even paint one of your exterior walls in a brighter orange or a dramatic cobalt blue. This also works well for covered patios. This style is all about opulence. This means using accessories instead of just practical planters. You can bring in everything from old bird cages, as long as there decorative too, such as beautiful lanterns and candle holders. The Moroccan style tends to have several hanging lanterns and they might even be metal. If you have enough exterior lighting already then avoid the fire hazard and just keep these as decorative elements. It also looks great in the sun.

The Moroccan style also uses a lot of colors that typically you wouldn’t find outdoors and it uses very bold palettes. The furniture itself is going to be dark in a rich wood tone which may require more upkeep. However, you can also just paint your existing furniture in a chocolate brown so it’s more durable than wood. You can bring in ceramic ottomans. Make everything mismatched even if you’re buying at the same store. Just use the same jewel tone family and look for tile planters or brightly colored rugs to tie the whole patio together.

Tray tables are especially convenient outdoors just because they do hold drinks so well. Typically this would just be wood and rectangular. However, even coffee tables with high lips on them can help to prevent spills. If you want larger pieces for your interior design and also you need to spend less money on them, then finding a few of these outdoor trends and bringing them indoors can really be helpful for your budget.