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Design Ideas for Outdoor Rooms

The concept of outdoor rooms has changed the entire way that people use this space. A patio used to just contain the typical barbecue set and maybe a dining room table. Oftentimes you’d just use it a few times a year. Focusing on new purposes and higher end materials has really enabled people to take back the space.

I love the idea of an outdoor room so much just because there’s been a big emphasis on downsizing homes in this economy. This means that you’re going to need to be able to make use of every square foot. Getting more into outdoor living definitely opens up your entire floor plan. Some people are even building outdoor kitchens. It’s not just for entertaining and instead can add a lot of relaxation to your life instead of just eating in front of the TV every night.

First, consider how you actually live. It’s quite typical to turn these patios into dining spaces. If you entertain a lot or love to barbecue then this can be a very practical use. However, if you’re really limited on square footage indoors, you probably don’t need a second kitchen outdoors. You can create an entire planting area if you love to garden. Add in potting benches or a refurbished hutch for extra storage. It almost acts the way that a bookshelf does indoors. It allows you to put away a lot of your garden tools, even …

Shade from a Covered Porch

Patio shades can come in all kinds of price ranges. However, the less expensive options usually have some drawbacks to them. For example, look at the relatively inexpensive fabric sunshade or shade sail options. Even though outdoor fabric is made to withstand rain and wind, usually it becomes worn over time.

I find the most long lasting shade providing options are those adding new architectural elements to your home. This also helps ensure that it matches the style of your house. You can also use modern materials like PVC or vinyl so that it will be easier to take care of.

A covered porch almost always has a country aspect to it. This is definitely the elegant side of the country look though. Painted wood beams or PVC approximations are in keeping with this design. Also look for white or porch steps and traditional railings and banisters. This helps to finish off your porch even if it isn’t up high. This definitely makes it a lot more sophisticated than a deck.

Covering a Porch with Fabric

If you don’t have a covered porch you can still use some country styled ideas that will use fabric. Look for outdoor fabrics in bright colors. These are readily available in blue, red, and yellow. In most other decorating styles there just isn’t a good way to implement these outdoor fabrics just because they are so colorful. Look for shades or floor to ceiling …