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Covered Patio Designs

A covered patio provides you with shade and also creates a grand entryway into your yard. It does feel a lot more like an outdoor room. It provides you with columns and posts which is a place that you can play with many paint and stain colors. Here are a few steps to take in decorating a covered patio.

First, determine the style of architecture that you have. If you have a lot of simplistic beams then this can go in almost any direction. However, you might need to add in more opulent curtains. Pair it with a darker wood stain for a Tuscan look. If you have archways, then this will probably take out some kind of European influence. If you have stone archways, then this will be quite Tuscan or French inspired, depending on the type of stone that is used. Tuscan style stone, even if it’s just an engineered cement tends to use bolder tones while French stones tend to be more gray.

If you have a stucco archway then this can easily be painted to match many themes. Terra-cotta archways are evocative of the Southwest look or even the Tuscan style depending on the furniture that you choose. Brighter tones can be more Spanish or Moroccan inspired. You’ll want to bring in a lot of tile or paint your porch floor to mimic this. Even if it’s a wooden version it will require extensive stenciling, but …

Comfortable Patio Conversation Sets

One of the ways to really spruce up a patio is by adding one of the many patio conversation sets out on the market. By giving yourself, your family, and your guests a place to relax in comfort out on the patio, you greatly expand your living area and give your landscaping a chance to really stand out and impress visitors. With the right patio conversation sets, you can spend more of your time outdoors without having to give up some of the more social and utilitarian functions that would otherwise be relegated to your living or dining room.

You can combine your patio arrangement with other patio ideas to make for an even more welcoming environment as well. This type of synergy could be added with products that provide cover for your patio set. With a gazebo canopy or cantilever umbrella for instance, you can further enhance the comfort of your patio by providing shade from the hot sun, or protection from rain when the weather turns bad.

Functionality of Patio Conversation Sets

Ask yourself what types of activities would you like to be able to do outdoors, but often find yourself settling for indoors or not doing at all because of not having the right amenities in your yard. This can help to provide you with a valuable road map towards choosing the patio conversation set that is right for you and your family.

You might find that …

Patio Shade Ideas – Cool Pop Up Tents, Awnings, Gazebos, and Pergolas

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could go outside and enjoy a beautiful summer’s day, but ended up hiding inside from the hot sun? With damaging UV rays posing a threat to our health, it’s imperative that protection from the sun is provided for you and your family to truly be able to enjoy your back yard patio.

Luckily there are a wide variety of options available on the market today for homeowners to address these concerns. From gazebos with their graceful and stylish lines, to pergolas with their characteristic slats and shade patterns, there’s sure to be a good fit for your yard, as well as for the look of your home.

The main reason for looking for ideas to shade a patio is of course to provide a cool and sheltered area for you to enjoy the outdoors. Doing so can help open up your house so that you aren’t always stuck inside. Not only can it help ease the transition from inside to out in a functional sense, but also from one of looks as well. A project like this is your chance to spice up the look of your yard, and at the same time help create a more gradual transition for the eye between the home and garden.

Which Form of Shade is Best?

Different situations call for different types of shade ideas for your patio. Sometimes the warmth of the sun can be …