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Furniture Trends for Outdoor Patios

Outdoor patios don’t just include a typical lounge chair or cheap barbecue anymore. Instead, you’ll find outdoor kitchens that cost thousands of dollars and pricy outdoor living room setups. It’s much like what you would find indoors. Many of the design trends from interior spaces are also being used to create more of the feeling of an outdoor room instead of just a typical patio.

One functional item that’s been added is actually the use of double furniture. It seems like at parties and barbeques everyone is scrambling for seating. This is why these chairs are oversized so several people can fit in them. Add in ottoman so more people can put their feet up and you can even find entire outdoor sectionals.

Another new furniture idea is the use of console tables. Typically, you would just find this in a living room behind the couch. However, when using it outdoors it allows you to have a makeshift counter or just an extra place to put drinks. It acts as a serving area and a small buffet. If you don’t have a lot of space for side tables then adding it behind your seating area is a pretty smart move.

The other trend is the use of end tables outdoors. It used to be that you would just have one dining table outside. However, with the use of so many outdoor sofas and seating areas that are separate from the …

Shading Tuscan Style Patios

The Tuscan style can seamlessly work with a lot of your existing patio shade ideas such as pergolas. If you have neutral tones or stucco exteriors then this is a great theme for an outdoor entertaining area. It also works well for a lot of parties because the Tuscan style is often associated with food.

Usually, you will have some type of structure to provide shade for your patio. It could be a typical wood pergola design or you might find more ornate covered patios or gazebos in this type of outdoor living space. There are even enclosed patios with vaulted or arched ceilings because this is in keeping with the ornate Italian architecture.

For a Tuscan style shade covering typically you’d want to go with a pergola. Don’t paint it white but leave it in a natural wood tone or find a chocolate brown PVC to mimic the look. A staple of the Tuscan style is dark wood posts and beams. A pergola instantly imitates this.

Using the Pergola as a Trellis or Arbor

If you want even more shade then this style does use a lot of greenery over entire arbors and pergolas. Usually this has grape vines or ivy on them. Bringing in fabric elements will be a little bit trickier because this style tends to use very ornate and heavy fabrics that just are found in outdoor versions. Ironically usually an insect screen will be quite …

Comfortable Patio Conversation Sets

One of the ways to really spruce up a patio is by adding one of the many patio conversation sets out on the market. By giving yourself, your family, and your guests a place to relax in comfort out on the patio, you greatly expand your living area and give your landscaping a chance to really stand out and impress visitors. With the right patio conversation sets, you can spend more of your time outdoors without having to give up some of the more social and utilitarian functions that would otherwise be relegated to your living or dining room.

You can combine your patio arrangement with other patio ideas to make for an even more welcoming environment as well. This type of synergy could be added with products that provide cover for your patio set. With a gazebo canopy or cantilever umbrella for instance, you can further enhance the comfort of your patio by providing shade from the hot sun, or protection from rain when the weather turns bad.

Functionality of Patio Conversation Sets

Ask yourself what types of activities would you like to be able to do outdoors, but often find yourself settling for indoors or not doing at all because of not having the right amenities in your yard. This can help to provide you with a valuable road map towards choosing the patio conversation set that is right for you and your family.

You might find that …