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Types of Patio Awnings

The typical patio awning has gotten a big makeover in the last few decades. These types of awnings used to just have a metal design and wrought iron columns. While this lasted a long time and provided great shade, it tended to have an oppressive feeling. Plus, if you’ve ever heard the rain hit one of these metal awnings then you know how noisy it can be. This is probably why the trend went more towards pergolas and wooden structures for a while. However, now awnings are back whether in decorative form or to provide shade for your decks and patios.

A wood awning helps to substitute for a pergola’s natural and more airy feel, and can be a good way to get into woodworking projects. Such a wooden awning might mimic a dormer if it has a pitched roof. However, it can be a more simplistic box style awning too. This allows you to bring in beautiful wood tones without having to go through the expense and work of building a deck or installing new garage doors. This is also one of the few ways to do a contemporary style of awning. To choose the awning that’s right for you, a good idea is to look at any existing wooden structures in your yard. Then define the style of exterior you have and choose a complimentary material even if it’s unusual.

The most unconventional material that I’ve come across …

Easy Shade with Canvas Awnings

Going with canvas awnings provides you with shade and there are even retractable versions offered. It saves you a lot of expense in having to build in architecture for shade. It also helps you to add a covered entryway to your home inexpensively. In many instances its light weight enough that you won’t need to worry about a lot of supporting posts too and it’s a pretty cheap and lasting shade option as well.

The biggest trend we’ve seen in canvas awnings is just in the color palette. While these would typically be found in classic red and burgundies that’s all changing. The key is to be more neutral and more sophisticated so it doesn’t end up looking like a restaurant. It also helps to protect your investment just because it won’t become outdated as quickly.

Awnings aren’t just for windows and doors anymore. Tailored versions can fit on top of a pergola depending on the post structure that you have. It will be sleeker than a canopy and might have a retractable function. However, if you want to get a faux look that’s a lot cheaper then try to mimic the market edge or scallop treatment that’s so typical with awnings. This can be a fabric valance that you sew and apply around your pergola or covered porch to save money. It only works though if you already have all of the shade that you want.

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Awnings for Decks – Is Cloth or Metal Right for You?

The right awnings for decks can make a huge difference in the livability of your home and yard. By creating a gentle transition between the indoors and out, you make sure that there’s an environment for every taste and time of year.

Awnings have some advantages over other types of shade structures. A pergola for instance doesn’t provide the protection from the sun and rain like an awning can. While the pergola has it’s own strengths, such as creating a beautiful eye-catching feature for your home, and demarcating a more open outdoor area, in most cases awnings have an advantage over sheer functionality.

This functionality is most prevailent when dealing with retractable deck awnings. Other types of deck and patio awnings provide a steady level of protection, even though the weather is never going to be the same. With an adjustable awning for your deck, you can ensure that when you want the sky to be open it’s open, and when you need the shelter from the elements you can have that too. It’s the best of both worlds!

Types of Awnings for Decks

Most awnings that are used on decks are going to attach to the wall of the house. Because of this, many times you can mimic some of the same energy saving effects as window awnings for homes can provide. This is due to the ability to block the warming rays of the sun from entering through …

Patio Shade Ideas – Cool Pop Up Tents, Awnings, Gazebos, and Pergolas

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could go outside and enjoy a beautiful summer’s day, but ended up hiding inside from the hot sun? With damaging UV rays posing a threat to our health, it’s imperative that protection from the sun is provided for you and your family to truly be able to enjoy your back yard patio.

Luckily there are a wide variety of options available on the market today for homeowners to address these concerns. From gazebos with their graceful and stylish lines, to pergolas with their characteristic slats and shade patterns, there’s sure to be a good fit for your yard, as well as for the look of your home.

The main reason for looking for ideas to shade a patio is of course to provide a cool and sheltered area for you to enjoy the outdoors. Doing so can help open up your house so that you aren’t always stuck inside. Not only can it help ease the transition from inside to out in a functional sense, but also from one of looks as well. A project like this is your chance to spice up the look of your yard, and at the same time help create a more gradual transition for the eye between the home and garden.

Which Form of Shade is Best?

Different situations call for different types of shade ideas for your patio. Sometimes the warmth of the sun can be …