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Furniture Trends for Outdoor Patios

Outdoor patios don’t just include a typical lounge chair or cheap barbecue anymore. Instead, you’ll find outdoor kitchens that cost thousands of dollars and pricy outdoor living room setups. It’s much like what you would find indoors. Many of the design trends from interior spaces are also being used to create more of the feeling of an outdoor room instead of just a typical patio.

One functional item that’s been added is actually the use of double furniture. It seems like at parties and barbeques everyone is scrambling for seating. This is why these chairs are oversized so several people can fit in them. Add in ottoman so more people can put their feet up and you can even find entire outdoor sectionals.

Another new furniture idea is the use of console tables. Typically, you would just find this in a living room behind the couch. However, when using it outdoors it allows you to have a makeshift counter or just an extra place to put drinks. It acts as a serving area and a small buffet. If you don’t have a lot of space for side tables then adding it behind your seating area is a pretty smart move.

The other trend is the use of end tables outdoors. It used to be that you would just have one dining table outside. However, with the use of so many outdoor sofas and seating areas that are separate from the …

Lattice Trellises for Patios

If you want to use lattice screen for your outdoor architecture then go with vinyl versions. You can stick with white versions that will look classic. While that makes it easier to take care of than traditional painted wood versions, it isn’t as easy to paint a PVC material. On the other hand, PVC also has more of a finished appearance without a lot of rough edges. That is on reason why it is better for screens and it’s also lighter weight than wood panels. Some brands like Acurio even come with a 12 year warranty and you probably can’t find the same thing when buying traditional woodwork.

The only negative to using PVC in this manner is that you need to choose the right color to begin with. That usually isn’t a problem with a wood trellis as the wood tones are going to naturally look good in such an application. But it only takes a coat of paint to change those options. Plus, usually it will be covered by plants so it won’t really matter.

If you want a trellis or latticework that gives you privacy or creates more of an enclosed patio effect then color will be more of an important consideration. I’d rather see trellis designs and latticework that is the same color as your pergola. Also pay attention to your existing structure and let that dictate the rest of your design.

Sometimes though you can …

Reasons to Use Gazebo Curtains

Gazebo curtains have all different kinds of uses dependent on the climate where you live. You can get more of a sunshade type if you have a simplistic metal gazebo. This type of gazebo is the most likely to have curtains because they are so easy to hang and install as opposed to wood gazebo types.

The most modern style uses a sun shade style. This is a roller shade that’s purely functional. It might just be on one or two sides thus saving you money and still allows the sunlight to shine into the structure.

Gazebo Curtains Are Budget Friendly

When you think of a gazebo you probably envision a wood gazebo type but you might not be into wood working plans. You also might not have room in your yard for a permanent structure. Some metal gazebo types just cost a few hundred dollars. This might even be cheaper than a rental so you can even consider it for a backyard wedding and it’s grander than an arbor.

For event use I like to see white sheer gazebo curtains as well as canopies. This can cover up all of the posts and saves you money on expensive floral arrangements that you’d need if you weren’t going with a fabric covered structure.

Netted Curtains double as Mosquito Nets

Gazebo Curtains are Easy to Clean

While these fabrics look a lot like what you find in interior design it’s drastically …

Shading Tuscan Style Patios

The Tuscan style can seamlessly work with a lot of your existing patio shade ideas such as pergolas. If you have neutral tones or stucco exteriors then this is a great theme for an outdoor entertaining area. It also works well for a lot of parties because the Tuscan style is often associated with food.

Usually, you will have some type of structure to provide shade for your patio. It could be a typical wood pergola design or you might find more ornate covered patios or gazebos in this type of outdoor living space. There are even enclosed patios with vaulted or arched ceilings because this is in keeping with the ornate Italian architecture.

For a Tuscan style shade covering typically you’d want to go with a pergola. Don’t paint it white but leave it in a natural wood tone or find a chocolate brown PVC to mimic the look. A staple of the Tuscan style is dark wood posts and beams. A pergola instantly imitates this.

Using the Pergola as a Trellis or Arbor

If you want even more shade then this style does use a lot of greenery over entire arbors and pergolas. Usually this has grape vines or ivy on them. Bringing in fabric elements will be a little bit trickier because this style tends to use very ornate and heavy fabrics that just are found in outdoor versions. Ironically usually an insect screen will be quite …

Styles of Horizontal Blinds for Patio Doors

You might feel a little bit limited with your choices for horizontal blinds for patio doors. There just aren’t going to be as many materials, patterns, and colors that you would find in most fabric choices if you were just shopping for regular window treatments. This is why you need to pay attention to both the silhouette of the door and the theme of your room. This helps you to determine the small details and styles that you’ll need. You also need to decide whether you want your door to stand out or blend in. This just depends on the architecture of the piece and the other elements that you already have in your room.

If you want a rustic style then wood mini blinds are the way to go. This is the more expensive blind option. Even if you just have a faux white painted blind you can still give it a country edge. Usually this will use a blind tape. This is a fabric element that forms a border. This comes in all kinds of patterns but I still like to see it in white. Sure, you can get trim in traditional hunter green or cranberry ribbon but this contrasts way too much against the white blinds. Look for a traditional gingham check or an ivy print.

The actual wood grain itself should depend both on the door and the molding around it. There tends to be a …

Vertical Patio Blinds

Vertical patio blinds are practical and cheap. It’s really easy to access your door with this window treatment. I find that a big downside is the actual aesthetic itself. This is why you don’t usually see a lot of decorators bragging about their use of vertical blinds. However, in day to day living it’s almost essential and there are some ways that you can spruce up this look.

The reason that PVC is usually used is just because of the durability. They slide back and forth all the time and hit against each other so they really need to be able to handle some wear. They also need to be the proper weight just because they’re going to be turning and then swinging back and forth so you don’t want them to get all tangled up.

Usually when you see other materials it’s just going to be as a veneer over the actual PVC. This helps to cut down on costs but also ensures that the vane keeps its shape. If going green is a big consideration for you then consider this carefully when it comes to these vertical patio blinds. Be aware of grasscloth versions. It might have these elements on it but probably is also going to have some man made materials too.

An Unnoticed Look

Sometimes there’s just way too much focus on vertical patio blinds. It just seems like your room can’t be completed until they’re …

Bamboo Patio Blinds

The biggest problem with bamboo patio blinds is that they all look the same. Unfortunately, they aren’t all created the same, which is why you’ll find a lot of difference in the price tags. First off, you may just find options with really strong cords. By far the most common complaint that I’ve read is that the cord snaps. This is why quality is so important. These can also even be the basis for a lot of fun craft projects.

These roller style shades or rollup shades are perfect for a French door option where you still need the clearance for the pieces to open and close. However, you don’t just want to be stuck with basic metal mini blinds. In fact, you can even coordinate this with the rest of your room.

Stenciling Bamboo Shades

One common craft project is actually stenciling on top of these pieces. First off, you’re going to need to choose a pattern that is suitable for this design. Remember that you’re working with strands or matchsticks style here. This means that even when you use a stencil you are not always going to get a straight line just because of the difference in natural fibers. This means that you shouldn’t try to get anything too clear cut either.

My favorite version of this uses more of a tone on tone effect so that it looks like it has a natural pattern to it. You …

Ideas for Pergola Covers

Pergola covers can be quite pricey. While canopies look beautiful in magazines they may not provide you with all of the shade and UV protection that you need. Plus, most of these pieces are practically disposable because they just last for a few years. There are some DIY projects that are available to you that will save you money on the initial costs even if they don’t last as long.

Outdoor fabric is pretty expensive. However, look for unconventional materials. One of these is a drop cloth. It’s supposed to be pretty resistant to water. It’s also a way to get a lot of yardage and width. Sometimes when you’re trying to cover a pergola you’re going to need a lot more width than is available in most fabric choices. Plus, it’s the cheapest fabric option. Whenever you use unconventional outdoor fabrics, you need to check them regularly to make sure that they aren’t developing mold or mildew. You also need to keep them away from flames like you’d find in a barbecue or outdoor lanterns.

The key to making a pergola cover is to use smaller strips. This allows you to weave them between the slats and crossbeams. The weaving process is important because it helps to weigh down the fabric. It creates a canopy effect underneath, but there’s also a practical purpose for it. If you just had one large pergola cover the wind would come along and …